The Fox Agency has established itself as a leading Manufacturer’sBuilding07 Representative for the Electrical and Telecommunications Industry.

We presently have five outside salespeople working out of five different sales offices across Upstate New York.  We cover over 90% of our business within an hour drive from each salesperson.  This brings our customers immediate solutions, attention to problems and technical expertise.  In addition, we have a full inside sales support staff giving our customers the ability to speak with a trained inside person when their outside salesperson is unavailable.  

We are also presently members of NEMRA, BICSI, EAR and MSS (Market System Solutions).   MSS is a strategic alliance of independent representatives covering the United States and Canada involved in electrical, electronics and datacom industries.  By sharing best practices and industry improvements in the areas of sales, marketing, business management, and technology our members gain a significant competitive advantage over other manufacturer’s representatives and direct sales offices.

We are working an ISO certified planning, sales and marketing system that has been certified by a number of MSS members.   Our sales system consists of a sales cycle that focuses on our top fifty customers in each sales marketplace. We also presently have two CPMR (Certified Professional Marketing Representatives) on staff.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to sales plan development and execution, integrity and continuous improvement.

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